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New Website, New Planner

HOLY COW!!! Do you see this website!?! I am so excited and so thankful to the family behind My Catholic Magnets  for all the many hours they spent helping me design and create the new Mothering Sunshine look.  I am still testing links and fixing photos on older blog posts, so bear with me as I work quickly to get everything just the way I want it and the way it should be.



The 2017 Mothering Sunshine Ultimate Planner is here!!!

A huge, enormous, and repeated “THANK YOU!!!” to Erica for all of the formating work! Check it out and get one for everyone you know. This is the gift that keeps on giving all year. If you have the Mothering Sunshine school-year-planner than you know that the other moms in your life will be eternally grateful to you if you introduce them to this best-friend of moms. Eternally grateful. For sure.

If you don’t have a Mothering Sunshine Planner yet, and you want to know more about it, you can read the blog post on it right HERE.

New Planner. New website. #grateful

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